Friday Morning Workout

A-Rod under investigation by MLB for allegedly participating in high stakes, illegal poker games with Hollywood’s elite.

NFL players officially ratify a new ten-year CBA on Thursday.  Under the agreement, Goodell retains exclusive authority to discipline players under the personal conduct policy, and the NFL becomes the first league to implement HGH testing.

Kansas City Chiefs TE Leonard “Champ” Pope attributes the lockout to him saving a child’s life.

Why on earth do so many athletes want to become musicians?  An answer may not exist to this question.  However, Here’s ESPN’s list of musicians who would make it’s starting five.

Roethlisberger’s civil sexual assault case still on in Reno.

NFL’s most flamboyant personalities.

NBA Players Association executive director Billy Hunter is betting on a cancelled 2011-12 season, while encouraging his players to work elsewhere.

Rather than waiting for the players to decertify and sue, as the NFLPA did this year, the NBA owners took their own legal initiative.

Track NBA players who intend to play or are considering playing overseas.

The Milwaukee Bucks Brandon Jennings is spending his NBA lockout interning at Under Armour

NASCAR Drivers are using Social Media to promote themselves and their sponsors

Comcast is suing DirecTV over ‘Deceptive’ Claims of Free Televised Games

Former Gridiron Great and Movie “Star” Bubba Smith passed away this week.  Here’s a nice tribute to him from Michael Weinreb

The Harvard Business Review outlines Six Steps to Successful Sponsorships

This guy has over 2,000 pairs of Nike shoes.  And he shows you all of them in just 11 minutes. He also built a museum for them.

Want to be a Sports Agent in California? Make sure you’re in accordance with this new law.

Braylon Edwards has a big week!  First, authorities implicate him in a bar fight in Michigan.  Then he signs a 1-year contract with the San Francisco 49ers.

Former NBA player Darius Miles attempts to sneak a concealed gun through airport security.

Mark Cuban provides his guide to getting rich.

Duke basketball contacts the NCAA for rule interpretation.

A new venture by Brand Affinity Technologies called Fantapper could revolutionize professional athletes’ media presence.

California district judge upholds a class action suit against EA Sports, which alleges EA unlawfully used college athletes’ likenesses without their consent.  Should the athletes prevail, EA could owe plaintiffs up to 25 percent of its annual revenue.

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I am an attorney and sports fanatic whose interests consist of sports law, sports media, and the the relationship between public relations/image cultivation and the professional athlete.

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